Re-think work and training during a pandemic

During a crisis like the COVID-19 virus, it's wise to stay at home even when you don't feel that sick. The virus is cancelling events, trainings, workshops and meetings everywhere. It's wise to advice your employees to work remotely if they can.  But remote work does not mean that you couldn't train, do events or i.e. onboard new people in a fun and effective way.  

Seppo platform for remote trainings and events

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Is your training or event threatening to get cancelled?

Seppo is an online tool designed for fun and activating trainings and events - even when they are hosted from your own couch

Events and trainings also work remotely with Seppo tool

Seppo is a great tool for trainings, events and workshops or getting people to collaborate and commit. 

Participating remotely to an event doesn't have to mean you stare at a computer screen whole day long trying to keep up with the discussion only to press a button every once in a while.

This is how you'll add some Seppo magic to your remote event or training:

1. Decide which part you want to gamify. You can do a pre-event game, during the event game and even an after the event game.

2. Place your topic materials on Seppo platform as game questions.

No coding, no special skills needed. Easily add your tasks links, videos, audios, pictures and text, and make the game do the lecturing part. Add some game elements like points, time pressure or code locks, and your participants will love it.

TIP: Gamify the part of your online-event, training or workshop where you want your participants' opinions or ideas, or where you want them to get active.

If you want your participants to activate before the event, do a pre-event game, and add questions where your participants can ask questions on video or audio about the topics they are interested in hearing you talk at the actual event, be it a virtual event, online training or a remote meeting.

3. Share a pin-code or QR-code to your participants through a website, email, Google Classroom,  Microsoft Teams, or any other way you want.

Your players explore your game in any environment they want with their mobile phones.

If you do onsite trainings, you can place your game on a specific area, and add a floorplan of your premises, or a live map as your gameboard.

4. Players can answer your questions by creating their own videos, audios, pictures and text.

Who says online trainings should be passive and dull?

You can do a lot with a tool that enables creation, sharing and reporting. And you can do anything with a tool that does all that in an engaging way, and even makes real time feedback and following one's progress visible. 

5. You monitor the game and can give real time feedback to your players through your own computer.

You can even chat and give instructions through the game chat.

Want to keep your participants alert during your game?

Fire up a flash exercise every now and then. That's a surprise exercise which your participants will have to do on the spot.

You can also use the game chat to keep your participants activated and talking to each other during the game.

6. Have a reflection discussion together after the game, and let the participants see and discuss each other's answers.

Take a teleconference through Google meets or Microsoft Teams, or any other system you are using, and share your screen to the participants. Show the game archive view where you can see everyone's answers.

TIP: Use the game archive to direct your following discussion part of the event or training.

Discussing about the played topics together will make them stick, but will also create team spirit when you also show the funnier side of the game.

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Seppo is an easy to use worry-free SaaS Solution

  • No surprise costs
  • Scales up and down according to your needs, and
  • Is ready to use when you are.

Create endless amount of remote and onsite trainings for all your needs.

You will also get useful ready-made templates for onboarding, strategy and value implementation, compliance trainings and safety trainings.

Our pricing starts at 100€ / month.

*Annual licence, price depends on the user amounts.

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Start the new era of communication and training

Seppo is a super easy tool to use with a wide array of options. Any training becomes effective, engaging and fun when you do it with Seppo.

Leverage the benefits of multimedia devices and gamification with Seppo tool. Innovate ideas, do a well-being questionnaire in a new way, onboard even if your new employees can't come to the office, or add some real-time-active doing to a virtual conference.

Where can you use Seppo?

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Strategy implementation
  • Compliance training
  • Safety training
  • Work Well-being days
  • Events - both onsite and online
  • etc.

Seppo works for all types of training needs. It's not a question of what you can gamify with Seppo. It's a question of how you want to do it. 

With Seppo you can create endless amount of different training, event, or professional development games without the need to purchase any external storage or costly integrations. 

Versatile usage possibilities enable easy creation, modification and copying of your games - play the same games in all your language areas or departments.

Seppo is designed for mobile, so its an ideal tool to engage and activate your employees where ever they are. Even during a global pandemia.

Seppo works. How does your company work?

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