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Riku Alkio
Riku Alkio

I’m having an afternoon break in one of the thousand pubs of London. This pub is something different though, or at least the name of it has a meaning and an interesting history of its own. The pub called John Snow is situated in the corner of Broadwick and Broad Street, just a few hundred meters away from the passionately pulsing Oxford Street. The atmosphere in the pub is almost a bit drowsy, there’s only a few customers present..

A couple hundred years ago this street was teeming with life – or should I say, was afraid of death. In August 1854 during a terrible outbreak of cholera, there were hundreds of people dying here. At the spot of the pub there used to be a public pump of Broad Street, where everybody got their drinking water, since there was no public water nor drain system in those days.

A young doctor named John Snow lived in the neighbourhood and had acquainted himself with the various cases of death. Based on his research he came to the conclusion that cholera wasn't infecting people through their breathing air, as was commonly believed, instead it was spread because of the polluted drinking water.

Snow investigated people who lived in the area and found out that people who survived through the epidemic didn’t drink the water – they stuck happily to beer instead! Thanks to Dr. Snow’s research the pump was shut down and life in the streets of Soho started to get back to its familiar feeling. So whenever you order a beer on Broadwick Street remember to cheers graciously to Dr. Snow!

London, like all the cities in the world, is full of fascinating stories. I spent two marvellous days preparing a game on the seppo platform for you guys – the teachers, who are going to participate in the Bett Show event. I transformed London into a pedagogical playing-field. The game combines both history and modern times, as well as the people and the built surroundings.

Through the game the stories will come alive and players will become a part of the culture of the city. The game gives you an opportunity to enjoy adventures in different areas of London, to meet interesting people (Jimi, Amy, Winston…) and get to know familiar destinations in a new and refreshing way.

It was easy and inspiring to create the game. I enormously enjoyed sketching a new kind of city experience for you. The game “London mysteries” is a sample what you can do with the seppo platform. You can play the game alone of course, but believe me, with a friend or colleague it'll be certainly twice the fun! 

Welcome to the game!

Video intro to Bett game

How to play

The game starts on Monday Jan, 23rd and ends Saturday Jan, 28th. Join at Choose a name for your team and enter a valid email address. After you login you’ll get your personal code to login again if you want to continue the game later on (please, take a screenshot of the code). Have fun!

The more players, the better the prizes! – a reason to invite all of your friends to play?

  • 300 players - the main prize is GoPro camera
  • 1000 players – the main prize is iPhone 7


Source: John Snow and the Broad Street Pump

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