Media literacy- What, why and how Seppo can help? Part 2

Riika RäisänenMedia Literacy Week is approaching in Finland, but media literacy is a current topic at any time of the year. As I promised in my previous blog post, we continue discussing media literacy in this second part!

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How to make your students shine in your learning games? - Set goals

Mira KekarainenSetting goals is important for learning. Goals give meaning and feeling of accomplishment for one's actions. But why is it so hard to get students motivated in learning goals?


Three tips to shout “April Fool” with Seppo today

Santeri JaakkolaThere’s one day in a year, when you officially have a permission to laugh at your pupils expense. It’s today, on April Fool’s day. Who wouldn’t love a good prank, and here are our three favourites to do on Seppo.


How to make your students shine in your learning games? - Give Feedback

Mira KekarainenWe all know how meaningful it feels to get thanked for our efforts and receive good feedback. In the best case it gives the kind of boost that makes you want to stretch that extra mile when you really thought that you couldn't possibly do any better.


When you want to take your quizzes to the next level

Mira KekarainenQuizzes are a great way to start or end a lesson. But it's actually really easy to use gamification also in more effective ways. Here are three simple ways for you to turn your quizzes into engaging and motivating lessons.


Looking for more engagement? Use gamification.

Riku AlkioWhat makes games and gamification such a powerful tool to use in the class room? It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to explain why games work. It’s, in fact, quite simple.


John Hart: How the iPad revolutionized my teaching

John HartFrom consumers to creators of content, the iPad changes the role of children in the classroom.


Cheers John Snow

Riku AlkioI’m having an afternoon break in one of the thousand pubs of London. This pub is something different though, or at least the name of it has a meaning and an interesting history of its own.


Why is the pedagogical evaluation of EdTech products important?

Olli ValloWhen I was working as a teacher, I didn’t bother to do much extra work. I mainly stuck with routines that were working just fine for me and my students. It meant that the most used learning solution in my class was a school book.