Santeri Jaakkola
Head Trainer and Game Producer

There’s one day in a year, when you officially have a permission to laugh at your pupils expense. It’s today, on April Fool’s day. Who wouldn’t love a good prank, and here are our three favourites to do on Seppo.

1. Change the location of a GPS-bound exercise.

There they go as little dots on your map. Oops, your finger hits the exercise button, and "accidentally" moves the exercise pin on the map. Well, what can you do, your students will have to find the exercise again to be able to answer it. But at least they'll get some more of that important physical movement, or what do you say?

2. Ask a question from a completely different perspective. 

Changing perspective inside a game is actually very useful, also from a pedagogical perspective, but not this time. Let’s say your game has a story, and your students are solving a robbery as part of the Scotland Yard smart deputies. In the game all the exercises are orders from their Chief Police. But one of the exercises is a little different. Instead of the Chief Police’s normal orderly questions, this one has spelling mistakes, and clearly aids the bad guys, who try to get an answer to a code to help them in their misdeeds, i.e.something like this:

“The key for the vautl is in the coffin. The code is 52x63.

Solve teh code and you will be rewarded.

What is the code?”

Answer options

a) 3276,

b) We’re not going to tell you.

Now, your students should naturally stick to the right side, and answer b) to gain points. If they answer a), they’ll lose all the points.

April Fool’s Day or not, you could think about creating a similar type of an exercise to one of your storified games to teach the students to recognize fake news.

3. A Chicken and An Egg

Create an exercise that clearly doesn’t have any sense. How about this: There’s an Easter Egg seed jar on my table. (these are naturally just big beans, but you won’t tell your students this.)

Your exercise could be: Go take one of the seeds, and plant it in your own jar. Water your seed. Your task is to create a video report, where you'll explain the process of growing Easter Eggs. Explain also, why it's important to sew the seeds at this point, and not closer to Easter. 

After the game, you can either reveal the truth or let your students keep watering the “Egg” seeds, and reveal the truth only when they actually start sprouting. In this case you might want to prepare with some real Easter Eggs to take off some of the disappointment of not really growing their own Easter Eggs.

Happy April Fool’s tricking, and if you have even better tricks on your sleeve, do let us know ;).