Hurray on Teachers' Day!

Mira Kekarainen
Mira Kekarainen
Head of Business Development

Long summer holidays are but a distant memory on this October day. Since 1994, October 5th has been celebrated as the World Teachers' day. A good day to think about the role of teachers in today's world.

A couple of weeks back I asked my 9 year old son whether he wished still to be on summer holiday. He’s not the most enthusiastic reader, and it was not one or two times we saw him really frustrated with his school reading tasks last spring, so I was expecting him to go along with his little sister’s (and my own) opinion that summer holiday is the best time there is.  

But, to my surprise, he didn’t. Instead he said that he wouldn’t want to go back on holiday. He was having too much fun at school with his teacher. Apparently they were having a blast while studying math and Finnish, among other things. What can you say to that but nod in content wonder?

Hurray to his teacher! 

New ways to teach increase teachers' power to enable learning

With the constantly expanding information flow, teachers aren’t any longer the all knowing information holders they used to be. Some say, teachers don't have as much power over students as they use to have. However, respect or power isn’t coming from holding all the information in one’s hands.

With today’s means and methods, teachers’ toolbag is much greater than it was before. Now teachers hold the power to be able to support their learners in the ways they need. One size does not fit all. Taking interest, giving feedback, and noticing the progress, laughing and discovering with your students is very much being as powerful as it gets. Power has just taken a new role. Just like teachers have. My son's teacher is a perfect example on this.

Teaching and learning evolve

Digitalisation, radical changes in the world, and new learning methods, like using gamification, have changed learning and teaching, and keep changing them. Does this make teaching more demanding? Of course it does, but only in the same way learning is more demanding to the students. None of us are able to embrace everything new that comes along. And it's not even the point. But we adapt, we learn, and we develop along the way because of these changes. 

Tools like Seppo are designed to help teachers in the changing needs of teaching and learning. We’re proud to be able to develop our product together with you.  So let's evolve together.

Hurray to all of you teachers doing wonders every day with and for your students, no matter which methods you use!