Gamification adds employee engagement and motivation

Gamify internal employee trainings or create training games for your resellers or suppliers. Add gamification to company days to make sure everyone has a good time. With Seppo any company training can be turned into an interactive and fun event that will also help your employees learn better. Whether you want to gamify recruiting, new employee onboarding or strategy implementation, you can succeed with Seppo.

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Creating gamified trainings with Seppo is easy

How does gamification with Seppo work?

  1. Define your goals and starting point.

  2. Create questions, and place them on Seppo platform. Include links, pictures, audio/video.

  3. Invite your players, and monitor the game.

  4. Use gathered answer materials in your internal or external communications or for other purposes.

Seppo gamification platform is an easy to use, scalable and inspiring tool for gamifying content and trainings. Anyone can build games on Seppo, but our expert team is also happy to help in the process.

Seppo games can be played in real environments with mobile devices or tablets. 

Players get an active role in the games, and produce content in forms of videos, audios, pictures and text as their answers. The games are interactive, and enable teamwork and creativity. 

Why Seppo?

Cost effective

Seppo is a scalable cloud solution. Platform functionalities enable a lot of different customization.


Creating, modifying and copying your materials is easy. Use your existing and new materials, and easily create language versions.

Easy & User friendly

No apps, no coding. Anyone can do it!

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