Case example - Communicating strategy

"The strategy game created a lot of excitement throughout the company, and we are currently creating a second game in another business unit." - HR Manager of a large IT Company


A large IT company with around 5000 employees in IT, Software and hardware. 

The goals of the strategy game:

  1. Help staff understand the bigger picture "Why are we doing this?"
  2. Narrow the gap between management and employees
  3. Create emotional connection to strategic themes

What was the need?

180 managers needed a consistant way to communicate a new strategy to 2000 customer service employees, who knew their own job's targets and goals, but lacked a connection to the bigger picture. 

How was it done?

  • Seppo and the company created a strategy game which the teamleaders ran through in their team meetings with their staff.
  • The game questions concerned the strategy in a fun way.
  • The players could contribute and send answers in video, audio, picture and text form through their mobile phones.

What were the results?

  • The game helped the team leaders go through the strategy in a structured, and memorable way.
  • Combining fun to actual real work situations motivated employees. 
  • The video clips and material gained from the game was used for company's internal communications needs afterwards.

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