Gamification is a way to add communication - also in a crisis

We've created you a game template to help you communicate practices in a new situation

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Getting your Corona exit-strategy right demands two-way communication - This is easy with Seppo

Gamification is a great method to add interactivity and introduce new ways to work

Corona-Crisis changed corporations' practices and operational environments.

Gamification brings control to uncertain situations and helps while getting back to new normal is on the table

Seppo-platform is a tool for creating gamified mobile trainings. We've created modifiable game templates for different corporate needs, also for Corona exit strategy.

Add a sense of security and increase two-way communication in an uncertain situation with Seppo's pre-configured game template

You can easily create different mobile trainings with Seppo platform using our modifiable game templates. Change game boards and content to suit your needs, add videos, voice messages, pictures and links inside the tasks. Modify the game for your different user groups, create copies and language versions etc.

All Seppo annual SaaS-licences include several pre-configured training game templates.

Seppo's Corona exit game template is a modifiable pre-thought concept to help you communicate the new normal

Gamification builds bridges and enables new approaches and ideas

Modifiable Corona exit game template helps to communicate strategy and plan for future.

How does our company survive in the new environment?

What kind of practices do we need to implement in the new normal?

How do we ensure employees feel safe and valued even in this situation?

Solve your way out of the Corona maze.

Modify to suit your needs. 

What good can a game do in a crisis?

Drafting a correct roadmap fort he post-pandemic work environment is important. Have you done it yet? Have you thought how the new normal is communicated to the employees?

Gamification is a splendid way to communicate what the new normal looks like in your company.

Corona Exit game template helps you implement the practicalities of the new operational environment

Modify our game template to suit your company needs. Let employees thrive also in the new situation.

All our pre-configured game templates are included in your annual Seppo SaaS-licence

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