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Gamify your customer service training - It's easy with Seppo gamification platform

Train your staff in real or any environment through a mobile game? Yes - You can do this in minutes with Seppo's game template

Do you have a lot of employees in customer service tasks? How committed and skillful are they in their daily jobs?

Gamified customer service trainings engage, and force people to think and act.

This builds both skills and knowledge. Not to mention what a good training does to enthusiasm and employer brand.

Add scalability and effectiveness to your customer service training - do it with a mobile Seppo game.

Seppo's pre-configured customer service training game template helps you build your training in a scalable way. Easily modify content to suit your different needs. Take a copy, and repeat.

All Seppo annual SaaS-licences include several pre-configured training game templates.

Seppo's customer service game template saves your time when you build your training

Add engagement, productivity and commitment - in a fun way.

Pre-configured customer service game template brings progress visual.

Modify to suit your needs. 


Gamified customer service trainings help your employees learn

You can create all types of training easily with Seppo platform. Our game templates help you succeed

All our pre-configured game templates are included in your annual Seppo SaaS-licence

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