Teaching and learning remotely during a pandemic

During a crisis like the COVID-19 virus, it's wise to stay at home even when you don't feel that sick. The virus is closing down schools and putting people in quarantine everywhere.  It doesn't mean you couldn't still teach well, or that students couldn't enjoy learning.

Seppo platform for online learning

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Seppo is an online tool designed for fun and activating lessons - anywhere

21st century skills in an activating and engaging package - Also when you have to stay at home

Seppo's tips for teaching online

In this video, Seppo's Head Trainer Santeri gives tips on how you can use Seppo as part of remote teaching. It's possible to activate students also when they will have to learn from home.

Video's in your Seppo games

Avoid text heavy exercises - Be present also remotely - Use videos inside your Seppo games

Distance learning days are effective and fun with Seppo tool

Turning your lesson materials into engaging distance learning games is easy with Seppo. You don't have to know anything except what you want to teach.

1. Place your current lesson materials easily on Seppo platform as game questions.

Easily add your tasks links, videos, audios, pictures and text, and make the game do the lecturing part. Add some game elements like time pressure or surprise exercises, and your students will love it.

TIP: Use Seppo's library of over 4000 ready made modifiable game lessons or create your own games.

2. Share a pin-code or QR-code to your students through email, Google Classroom,  Microsoft Teams, or any other way you want, and let your students explore your game in any environment with their mobile phones.

3. Students can answer your questions by creating their own videos, audios, pictures and text.

Who says online learning should be passive and dull? You can do a lot with a tool that enables creation, sharing and reporting. And you can do anything with a tool that does all that in an engaging way, and even makes real time feedback and following one's progress visible. 

4. You monitor the games and give real time feedback to your students through your own computer. You can even chat and give instructions through the game chat.

Don't want to be online all the time?

Just ask the students to answer the questions at their own pace, and turn on email notifications from your game settings. You get notified if your students need you, or know when they've finished their tasks.

5. Have a reflection discussion together after the game, and let the students see and discuss each other's answers.

Take a teleconference through Google meets or Microsoft Teams, or any other system you are using, and share your screen to the students. Show the students the game archive view where you can see everyone's answers.

TIP: Use the game archive as your following lesson. You can share your screen and go through the game with your students.

Discussing about the played topics together afterwards will make them stick, but will also create team spirit if you also show the funnier side of the game. Use any kind of teleconference tool - i.e Google Meets & Microsoft Teams.

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Create game lessons for any subject and age group

You can turn any lesson into an engaging game with Seppo gamification tool. Leverage the benefits of active learning and multimedia devices, and teach well also when you can't be in the same space with your students.

Students play with their mobile phones or tablets, anywhere.

You create and monitor the games with your laptop, where ever you are. 

With Seppo you'll be able to keep a close eye on your students' performance and provide them real time guidance.

Versatile options to create lessons and learn

Seppo is a super easy tool to use with a wide array of options to create lessons. Choose the best way for you.

Create your own lessons.

Co-create lessons online with a colleague.

Use the ready made lessons from game library.

Make your students game creators.

Where can you use Seppo?

  • Turn normal lessons into games - All age groups I All Subjects I Remote and Onsite Lessons
  • Turn homework into a game, and involve the family members in their child's schoolwork
  • Gamify tests, and make them interactive
  • Use as a project work tool - Give individualized and real time feedback
  • Create an outdoor game, if possible, and ask students to report what happens in their nearby surroundings
  • Use as a virtual field trip tool (you can visit a museum or a zoo also online!)

A tip! Use weekly schedule as your game board, and create structure for your students distance learning days also visually.

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