Seppo for the Education Sector

Seppo is an ideal tool for game-based learning. You can easily create lessons that combine creativity, collaboration, and the use of skills and knowledge. 

What is Seppo?

How does the game influence learning?

A game motivates

A game engages the participants into learning by increasing motivation. It works as an extrinsic motivator, which can spark an interest in the subject matter. Positive learning experiences strengthen the learner's self-efficacy and faith in his or her own abilities.

A game activates

A game's best quality in terms of the learning process is that it activates the learners. You can't succeed in a game if you don't do anything; you only win (learn) by actively participating in the game.

A game directs learning

A game's objective, story and rules direct the players' actions. Within this framework, they have the freedom to decide where the game takes them. At the same time, they're taking responsibility for their own learning.

A game embraces creativity

Different kinds of tasks challenge to show your know-how. Tasks can require searching new information, creative problem-solving, or using your imagination.

<p>Seppo - A new way to learn</p>

Teaching with games

Game based learning helps to empower students. In a game, players carry the responsibility for their actions. They have to make a number of important decisions, for example should they score points by completing quick, easy tasks, or aim for bigger, more challenging tasks that would score them more points? Read further how teaching with games will help you excite your students to learn!

  • Many language options e.g. Arabic, English, Spanish and Finnish
  • Easy-to-use tool designed for teachers, trainers and HR personnel
  • Browser-based – app available for players
  • Online and offline modes
  • Works both outdoors and indoors - online and onsite
  • Use a jpeg, png, gif, 360° image or a gps map as a game board
  • Video, audio, picture and text answering options
  • Real-time monitoring and feedback
  • Private messages
  • Chat

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