Seppo gamification tool - designed for fun learning

Why game-based learning?

Game-based learning is a fun and engaging experience for everyone, from nursery school to corporate training. Games combine teamwork and using one’s skills and knowledge to achieve a common goal. Completing tasks, earning points, and receiving instant feedback encourage learners to pursue new achievements. At its best, a game can impact the players on a deeper level, making them understand the topic better than a regular classroom lecture ever could.

Corporate Training

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Sustainability Training

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Strategy and Values Implementation

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For Training Companies

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NGOs, Museums and Libraries

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Education Sector

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What can you train with Seppo?

Seppo gamification platform enables you to turn your training programs into practical mobile training. Easily implement game-based learning for any of your company training needs.


Impact and differentiate in your recruitment process. Time savings and improved interactivity and candidate engagement.


Onboard new talent faster. Gamified learning helps best practices stick.

Safety training

Mobile training enables learning effectively in any environment. Safety training is easy to create with Seppo's template.

Strategy and value workshops

Make strategy and value processes understandable and bind them to real work tasks.

Work well-being and team-building

Drive work well-being by implementing gamified questionnaires and directing activity days. Collect results and improve processes. Get your team interacting like never before. Seppo is an ideal tool for team-building.

Product training

Use Seppo to direct consistent hands-on training for your resellers and subcontractors.

Professional skills training

Learning by doing is effective. Use Seppo to create a more effective training experience. Combine to various subject based learning tasks.

Compliance training

Mandatory training does not have to be boring. Active participation adds memorability and increases long-term effectiveness.

Gamify any corporate training or function with Seppo

  • You build the games in the browser version. In addition to exercises, you can use levels, branching game paths, set order, etc.
  • Players can play the games in the browser or use our native player app. You can read more about the app here

Shall we start gamifying your business?