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Seppo platform for gamified mobile learning and training.

Concentrate on what's important in your work - we make it fun

Mobile training enables participants to learn, react, create and communicate - You choose the way this is done

You can create gamified mobile training for any business function and all stakeholders from employees to subcontractors and resellers with Seppo gamification tool.

Increase the engagement, collaboration and motivation of your employees.

Training done with Seppo challenges participants to reflect on what they have learned and makes the learning progress visible. With the vast variety of features that Seppo offers, you get the most out of your training and then there is no going back to the old.

What can you train with Seppo?

Seppo gamification platform enables you to turn your training programs to practical mobile training. Easily implement game-based learning for any of your company training needs.



Safety training

Work well-being

Strategy and value workshops

Product training

Professional skills training

Compliance training

Are you interested in seeing what a Seppo game can look like?

We have created a short demo game for you to see how you can use Seppo to gamify your company's training. The game is for demonstration purposes and it is an example of a game that can be done by a beginner. More experienced users add code locks, levels, a 360° map etc.

The game consists of four exercises, which demonstrate what kind of questions you could include in you games. The exercises of the game revolve around the themes of security, onboarding, strategy and values.

You can log in to the game with the PIN here, use the QR code or click the button to go straight to the game.

If you feel adventurous, you can download our player application and see how the game looks in there!

Read more about the app here: LINK

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You can also see what Seppo looks like from the game maker's perspective by trying it for free

Strategy and Values

Let Seppo help you.

Seppo and Sarastia

If you are looking for a new way to implement strategy or values, you should give Seppo a go!

Sarastia, a Finnish publicly owned financial and HR company used Seppo in their strategy implementation process and involved the whole personnel in the value creation process with Seppo.

Read more about Sarastia's case

The best thing about Seppo is that it's flexible and easy to modify

Create training games for your specific needs and take advantage of our ready-to-use modifiable game templates

Read more about our game templates

City of Helsinki
The Houses of Parliament
S Group
Tampere Taxi
Aalto University

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