Finnish way to teach motivates learners

World famous Finnish education emphasizes methods like gamification and physical activity during the school day.


  • Playing together teaches skills like collaboration and problem solving.
  • Being able to solve tasks in different ways adds creativity and self confidence which boost learning.
  • Freedom to use one's surroundings more freely, and to move, instead of sitting down makes the brain work better.

Seppo is an awards winning Finnish gamification platform which makes it possible to combine all these.

Seppo makes implementing Finnish teaching methods easy

  1. Combines real-life to learning in an engaging way.

  2. Creates collaborative atmosphere and thirst for knowledge.

  3. Teaches critical thinking skills and enhances creativity.

  4. Improves motivation and makes own progress visible.

Seppo gamification platform is an easy to use and inspiring tool for creating gamified lessons.

Seppo games can be played in real environments with mobile devices or tablets. 

Players get an active role in the games. This helps learning.

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1. Create a questions on Seppo game board or use a ready made game from Seppo game library

  • Anyone can do it.
  • Suits for any subject and age group.

2. Play

  • Players login with a pin-code or QR-code.
  • One game device per team.

3. Give feedback, and reflect

  • While students play, the teacher monitors the game on his/her game device giving real time feedback.
  • Reflection session after the game further helps learning
  • Game reporting can be used for grading purposes