Game-based learning

Game-based learning is a fun and engaging experience for everyone, from nursery school to corporate trainings. Games combine teamwork and using one’s skills and knowledge to achieve a common goal. Completing tasks, earning points and receiving instant feedback encourage learners to pursue new achievements. At its best, a game can impact the players on a deeper level, making them understand the topic better than regular class-room lecture ever could.

Benefits of game-based learning

Game-based learning in modern contexts

Game-based learning tools broaden the scope of answering techniques. Many students are native mobile device users and they are very capable of communicating with devices such as tablets and smartphones. Therefore, it is important that educators apply these tools for learning purposes. 

Technology enables varied answers

In game-based learning, technology enables completing tasks by using mobile devices’ applications such as camera, voice recorder and photo edit tools. Instead of text, students can submit their answers with a photo, video or sound recording. Enabling different ways to show knowledge offers equal chances to succeed for students with learning difficulties.  

Game-based learning with Seppo

Seppo is a game-based learning tool that adapts to different learning needs and wishes.  Educators can create a game that is suited to his or her own students’ special circumstances. A good game challenges the players just right. Too easy tasks are boring, whereas too difficult tasks discourage the players.

Acknowledge different learning styles

Different answering methods such as mind maps, drawings, comics and other applications are easy to apply in Seppo games. Teachers can design the game in a way that enables the students who normally are not the brightest stars in class to have a chance to win the game. 
Building a lesson plan around games challenges also the educator to observe the topic at hand from new angles. Instructing and running a learning game is immersive and fun, and helps the educator to connect with his/her students.  

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