Gamification is a way to increase engagement

Gamification uses game mechanics to add engagement and activation. Anyone can benefit, also at work!

Where is it used?

  • Introducing processes, premises and practices
  • Collecting ideas
  • Building team spirit
  • In learning
  • Onboarding new people

Familiar things get a new perspective through gamification. Even more difficult themes are easier to handle with a little lighter approach.

Your goals and target group define, how you'll get the best benefits of gamification.

Anyone can succeed with gamified projects

Using gamification in different projects doesn't have to be costly or time consuming.

Our expert team will help you succeed

You can create your game projects with Seppo platform either together with our expert team or independently with our tips.


No need for expensive content creation process

Building games with Seppo is easy. Your existing corporate materials are your best game material.

It's also simple to create new materials straight on Seppo platform.

Get in touch, and we'll help you succeed!

Why Seppo?

Cost effective

No apps, no coding - A cloud based platform that anyone can use.


Ease of use and endless amount of possibilities. Games are easy to create, edit and modify.


Fun and interactive tool. Play on the go, work in teams and have fun!

Want to discuss about your project?

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