Gamification for Increased Productivity: The New Trend for Tomorrow's Enterprises

Productivity is a complex issue for companies of various segments and sizes. According to a study by Workfront, a US technology company, only 40% of working hours are actually productive.

Given this scenario, companies that want good results and performance from their teams need to promote staff engagement and use differentiated techniques.

There is no secret or magic to increase productivity. Organizing tasks, improving internal communication and using project management tools are great and effective ways to do that.

In addition to these options, there is an even more innovative trend: gamification. With a name derived from games, the technique combines engagement and recognition in motivational games, and can be used in the corporate environment to optimize productivity.

Gamification applied for different uses

Gamification can be used for specific situations, such as training and meetings. Seppo, a Finnish company specialized in game based learning, develops a customized platform designed for creating an environment of engagement aligned with the objectives proposed by the client.

Galderma, an aesthetic dermatology company of the Nestlé group, for example, used Seppo's gamification platform during a convention held in Brazil.

"The tool was used to reinforce the concepts presented and increase the level of understanding of the topics learned in training. The game included two complex learning topics, build on gamification concepts", Wagner Komesu, Nestlé Skin Health/Galderma's director of operations and quality.

Other institutions have carried out work of interest to the community. To emphasize the importance of nature conservation, the World Wide Fund for Nature - WWF, an organization that fosters environmental preservation, developed lessons on the Seppo platform to students between 9 and 16 years old.

Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori, a specialist in Environmental Education at WWF Finland, comments on the success of this project.

"The students really liked the material and we received thanks for the versatility of the method. The teachers were excited about the concept. Seppo platform is very easy to use".

Benefits for the customer

Gamification makes the environment more relaxed and encourages employees to seek more results. Another positive point is training and learning through game strategies.

"In real situations, people tend to avoid risks and go down a safe path. But when playing, people usually only think about winning and looking for new answers and solutions", says Riku Alkio, Seppo's founder and CEO, about the effects of gamification.

"That's what defines games: participate effectively, be challenged, react to an action and get immediate feedback and reward. This process keeps the player active and motivated."

This stimulating and engaging scenario directly impacts customers, because the high level of satisfaction and improvement of internal processes can expand revenue. Surveys conducted by Gartner concluded that the revenue of institutions that use gamification had 250% increase compared to other competitors who did not implement the model.

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