A gamification tool to motivate

What if school lessons could be turned into a fun game? With Seppo learning happens through the same informal ways of using technology that students are used to in their everyday life.

How does a gamification tool work? The teacher creates the game and the exercises. Students login into the game in teams, using their mobile devices. The teacher monitors the game giving students personalized feedback and points. All the students’ answers and creations are saved in a digital archive. That way the best ideas or trickier exercises can be reviewed together with the class after the game.

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A gamification tool

Motivate with gamificaton

Seppo is a tool for adding game mechanics to any lesson or training. Gamification motivates students and gets them engaged in the topic at hand, sparking the joy of learning. Gamification means adding game elements such as humour, creativity, points, levels and competition, to a lesson. These external motivators let students succeed at school work and help spur intrinsic motivation towards the topic.

How to gamify a lesson?

Using a gamification tool means breaking the learning goal into activating exercises and dividing the tasks into levels. Completing tasks gives students a sense of achievement and advancing, moving from one level to another. Playing a Seppo game in teams will teach them collaboration and problem solving. 

Anybody can do it

With Seppo a teacher can turn a lesson into a fun mobile game, with no coding required. Building games is easy, anybody can do it. Seppo is created by teachers for teachers, understanding the reality at school. A small game can be created very quickly. There is also a vast game library that has over 3000 ready-to-play games created by the global Seppo teachers’ community. The game library helps anybody get started with gamifying their teaching.

For all ages and subjects

Gamification motivates students of all ages and even adults. Since it is the teacher who brings the content to the game, Seppo can be used for any school subject. Seppo users range from primary schools to universities and teachers of all subjects.

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Let your students shine

Gamifying lessons or entire courses can be taken even further by adding a compelling storyline to the game. A maths class will turn into a mystery adventure and a biology lesson becomes a time travel tour. With Seppo the lesson can include surprise “flash” exercises, GPS bound location tasks or problems that allow the students to use video, audio, photos and text in their answers. This adds to creativity and allows all students to shine, including those who don’t thrive in a traditional classroom setting.

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