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Onboard with a mobile game

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Organizations that invest in their onboarding process improve new hire retention and productivity.

Gamified onboarding helps your organization to achieve its goals.

Gamified learning with Seppo is both effective and inspiring.

With Seppo you transform your onboarding game and make it–a mobile game.

Onboarding a new employee plays a big role in what comes to employee retention. So, what kind of impression your company gives to new employees already during the onboarding phase or even before that is not a matter to be ignored.

Making new hires read long PDF files or listen to presentations is a tiresome and ineffective way of conducting onboarding in the long run.

Gamified onboarding with Seppo is an agile and exciting way to get your new employees acquainted with your organization, their new team, and the important things they need to know. Not to mention, at the same time you offer a positive learning experience to new employees.

A successful onboarding process engages your new employees, sets their expectations for working with your company, and makes them feel welcomed and that you are invested in their success.

How can Seppo help?

General onboarding

With the help of Seppo, you can bring all the most important aspects of general onboarding into one game or split them into themes and thus separate games - you choose. Values and strategy, for example, can be explored through the game in an exciting way, and at the same time, you make sure that everyone gets the same general orientation, regardless of location. An interactive game encourages the player to think about their own views and thus at the same time, both the new employee learns about the organization and the organization about the employee.

Work environment onboarding

For familiarization with the new work environment, Seppo has a few options to offer. It pretty much depends on what the new workplace is like. Is the area outdoors, like an amusement park? Then the game board based on GPS positioning works great! Alternatively, for indoor training, you can choose, for example, a 360° image of the interior as the game board and add the tasks there. It is easy for the players to internalize the new work environment visually and remember the important things related to different places.

Role-specific training

Task-specific onboarding is a long process. During it, the most important thing is to go over the key work tasks and how they are expected to be performed. Gamified learning encourages the employee to take an active role while active learning enhances both memory and learning. With the help of tasks, new employees can be challenged to look for answers both in databases and in their own memory. When the answer options are video, sound, picture, or text, the player gets to choose themself what is the most natural way to structure their thoughts. Gamification makes it easier to put what you've learned into practice. On top of everything, with Seppo you can easily give feedback along the way as the instructor and both you and the player get to see how they progress.

For the organization - Gamification can help:

  • Motivate through meaningful learning tasks

  • Save time

  • Improve knowledge retention

  • Drive employee experience

  • Guarantee consistency of training

  • Suitable for individual learning or processing in groups

For the new employee - Gamified onboarding can help:

  • Offer a fun and engaging training experience

  • Provide immediate feedback and rewards

  • Activate processing in their own context

  • Help them remember and transfer knowledge

  • Make the new hires feel more comfortable and appreciated from the onset

  • Seppo games are built in a browser version. In addition to exercises, you can enrich the games for example by utilizing levels and branching game paths.

  • Versatile exercise types ensure there is variation in the games and that playing does not get boring. The players can answer with video, audio, text, or images, depending on the exercise type in question.

  • Seppo games work when played in groups or alone, as a stand-alone game, or as a game played at the same time by multiple people. The in-game chat makes it easy to communicate with others in the game.
  • Players can play the games with the Play Seppo app or browser. We recommend using mobile devices to play.

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