How do your trainings look like?

Seppo is an easy to use tool for creating engaging training games.

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How to create engaging trainings?

Define your starting point

What kind of materials do you have? Who your audience is? Your existing materials can act as a starting point (or even be enough) for your gamified training. Your audience helps to define, how you want to activate them.

Define your goals

What problem do you want to solve? Where do you want to use gamification, and what do you want as an outcome? Gamification can increase learner motivation and help making learning goals more understandable, reachable and relatable.

Create your game

Are you planning to have a training day or do distance trainings? Would your audience benefit from an engaging story that makes your materials feel more relatable? Turn your material into questions, place them on your gameboard, and watch your employees shine!

How to create engaging trainings?

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