Game instructors

Student and grading instructors

Games that have a lot of players or exercises sometimes need some extra help with monitoring the game and grading answers. In this case you can add student and grading instructors to your game from the "Game participants" section. Note that this feature is available on spesific licenses only.

Student instructors can take part in the game creation process. They can develop their own exercises, help set up story and rules for the game and grade answers. They cannot share the game or start it. Grading instructors can only grade answers.

Add an instructors alias to the text field. A login code will be generated for the instructor. I.e. in the picture above it's Mikko9011.

Student and grading instructors login to Seppo a bit differently. Go to the login page and click to login as instrucor. Then click "Guest instructor login".

After that you should put in your instructor code to login.