A trade show trip to Dubai earns the gamification platform Seppo.io wide media coverage

Attending the GESS trade show in Dubai lead to several interviews in UAE media for the educational technology company Seppo.io. Gamification in the classroom and Finnish pedagogy spur interest.

There is a clear interest in new digital solutions in the classroom as well as in Finnish pedagogy that has given Finland’s school system top ranking  internationally. UAE publications The National, Ed Arabia and Teach Middle East Asia all covered Seppo as a potential solution to motivate students in the classroom.

Seppo is an internationally awarded innovation. It's a tool for teachers to create their own learning games. Games can easily be built from scratch or picked from a wide content library. Students use mobile devices to play the games in teams. Seppo games meant to be played in real world surroundings, in classroom or outdoors, using technology as a means to document what players discover, measure, build or film.

The National names gamification as one of the next big trends in educational technology, as schools find ways to engage students bored of traditional textbooks.

– Sometimes at school students lack the feeling of autonomy. They are supposed to go by the rules. In games, the players are expected to make their own moves, not just follow others. Freedom of choice is at the core of playing games. Riku Alkio, the founder and CEO of Seppo.io explains to Ed Arabia. He has 20 years of experience in teaching so he knows what happens in the classroom.

– The students are actually learning through playing and on top of that they are very excited about Seppo, Amal Farrag, a teacher at Garcen City British School. According to her, Seppo is great because each game can be tailored to her students, which means every student can reach their goal. (TEACH MIDDLE EAST)

– Gamification is a way to use tried and tested techniques in a class-based context to engage the learner more. It ­enriches the learner and simulates ­pupils more than text-based questions, Habeeb Mustafa, a digital coach at Kings School Al Bashra, describes. (The National).

Seppo.io is a long term partner of Education House Finland, with Katia al Kaisi leading the sales and PR in UAE.

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Published 15.3.2019