The Game of the Month - Know your Europe

The Game of the Month - Know your Europe

The Game of the Month in April is Know your Europe made by a Finnish organization called Youth Academy (Nuorten Akatemia). We chose Know Your Europe as the game of the month because of the upcoming Europe Day on Saturday 9 May.

The Know Your Europe game was created in 2019 with the financial support of Europe Information and in co-operation with EYP Finland (European Youth Parliament Finland). There are three different language versions of the game, Finnish, English and Swedish. The Know Your Europe game aims at making the EU and its activities better known among young people and the game is suitable for students between the ages of 13 and 19.

The Youth Academy has made a lot of school visits related to the game and the game is available for teachers also without a school visit. In 2020, the Youth Academy will continue school visits related to the game and they keep constantly updating the game. The game was created in co-operation with the youth organization EYP Finland, so that the active members of EYP Finland were involved in brainstorming the content and tasks of the game. The Youth Academy built the game and EYP actives trained school visitors and took care of organising the visits. Niina Salmi from the Youth Academy tells that about 30 school visits have already been planned for next autumn.

According to Niina Salmi, experiences of the game have been really good. Based on the feedback received, most students think that the game is challenging enough, but not too hard to play. From playing the game students have particularily remembered the four EU freedoms, Heidi Hautala, EU citizens' initiatives, Brexit and EU projects of their own province. Based on the feedback received from school visitors, young people have liked the game and found it a fun and nice variation for traditional ways of studying.

Many different types of exercises have been used in the game, topics range from the history of the EU to the present day and from directives to diversity. A versatile package especially for the social sciences!

You can read more about the Youth Academy from their website:

You can read about the game from here:

Published 14.4.2020