Finland House Rio was a great success!

Finland House Rio was a great success!

Seppo game in the Finland House Rio during the Olympic games was a great success. There were around 35 000 visitors in the house during the open days. Many of the visitors joined the game.

Feedback on the game was extremely positive. There were many teams who spent several hours playing it. The idea of the game was to learn Finnish culture and some interesting manners of the Finns – in a fun and easy way. Players learned to play mölkky and dance letkis.

According to the game rules the winner was selected in a lottery after the game. Each returned answer was a lottery ticket. The winner of the game is Team Alho. Congratulations!

The amazing prize for the winner is Natural Luxury Holiday in Kuusamo Lapland in Finland.

Prize for 2 people
Total 8 nights
Valid 1 year


The winner has been informed privately. Thank you for everyone who joined the game!

Published 31.8.2016