Game of the Month: Oodi, the Central Library

Game of the Month: Oodi, the Central Library

This month we are bringing you a game that is played indoors as we know that the weather in November is bad pretty much everywhere. But despite the rain, you can still take your class outside the classroom and embark on an adventure, exploring what your city has to offer in the form of libraries or museums, for example.

Oodi, the Central Library is made by two teachers of the English School of Helsinki, Marja Kokko and Mikko Kontti. The purpose of the game was to introduce the students to the newly opened library in the early 2019. Kokko and Kontti had been taking their 6th grade students outside on Thursdays and they had been working around town in different locations already before settling in to Oodi. When Oodi opened, they took the library as their new base camp for Thursdays.

The game was made for students as a so-called kick-off game for their Oodi Thursdays, which allowed them to explore the opportunities the new library offers for learning, doing, and exploring. When playing the game, students roam around in Oodi and explore its services through in-game activities in teams. The layout of Oodi and its different floors serve as the gameboard in this game. Tasks range from finding specific workspaces to finding books, and they encourage students to really get to know Oodi while also learning the rules and practices of their future Thursday workplace.

The game was first created in the early 2019 and has since been developed further, as a new class got to play again in Oodi in the fall of 2019. The version found in the Seppo game library is the original game from early 2019. Take a look and be inspired!

According to Marja and Mikko, the idea behind the game was that students would realize that learning is not limited to school space, school day or school assignments, but that you can learn everywhere, all the time. And we totally agree with this at Seppo!

So, how about checking out those libraries and museums your city has to offer and taking your class there on a rainy day?

Published 22.11.2019