GESS Award winner Seppo and GESS announce the winner of the Explore GESS -game


We have a winner! ‘Thank you for providing such an entertaining and engaging activity. The game was fun, engaging and informative.' Seppo gamified the GESS Dubai event and announces the best player of the event game Explore GESS

The Explore GESS mobile treasure hunt game played with mobile phones had more than 100 teams going through GESS exhibition and congress program. A pregame was started on March 9th and the race finalized on the 15th of March. With the highest overall score the winner of a Magical Finnish Lapland retreat is Kamran Ahmed. Kamran is an English teacher with 19 years of experience. He is also a regular GESS visitor. This was his sixth year in a row at GESS.

‘Thank you for providing such an entertaining and engaging activity. The game was fun, engaging and informative. Thanks again for the motivation during the engagement in the hall’, Kamran Ahmed said as he prepares for his treat in Lapland.

The main prize includes 4 night stay in Magical Finnish Lapland. First in Sokos Hotelli Kuusamo, a cozy and comfortable hotel ideally situated in the midst of pristine and untouched expanses of Nordic wilderness and yet in the very heart of the lively and bustling town of Kuusamo. The next two nights will be spent at Rukan Salonki in a magical log cabin that you may have visited in your dreams. He will also be pampered with the Wellbeing in wilderness retreat at Pyhäpiilo Sauna, a true Finnish tradition. Ruka Safari offers the winner chosen seasonal activities, topped with Finnish natural wildfood dinner experience.

GESS and seppo wish Kamran Ahmed a fantastic visit to Finland – let us hope he will get the Northern Lights off his bucket list!

The game was designed on seppo platform. Seppo was the Winner of the prestigious GESS 2017 Awards promoting learning outside classrooms. To read more click here

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