Šiõǥǥ saaʹmi meersažpeiʹvv pukid, Happy Sami National Day in Skolt Sami language!

Introducing Seppo's Game of the Month: Tauno Ljetoff's game, Čeʹvetjääuʹr pirrõs, introduces the culture and traditions of the Skolt sami people.

Tauno Ljetoff teaches at the Saamelaisalueen koulutuskeskus (Sami education institute), which has a central role in developing the Sami area and arctic skills. The centre trains and teaches, for instance different sami languages in modern ways.

Tauno Ljetoff teaches Skolt Sami, a language spoken only by approx. 300 people in the world. In his game, Čeʹvetjääuʹr pirrõs, adult learners who had learned skolt sami language for two years through virtual school had a chance to get to know each other and speak together the language they were learning. The game took them all to the Sevettijärvi region, where they learned about the culture and traditions of the Skolt sami people by playing and experimenting together.

Although many sami people live in big cities, their own culture and native languages are still an important part of their identity. Sami traditions, and languages are kept alive and modern through different engaging ways, like through gameful learning. Seppo truly likes this! <3

You can find Čeʹvetjääuʹr pirrõs game in our seppo game library.

Published 6.2.2019