Not your usual Game of the Month!

Not your usual Game of the Month!

Bring on December and those long days right before the holidays! How about spicing up your lessons and making seppo games for the pupils to revise subjects and topics taught during the autumn period?

The last weeks before the holiday season are surely full of Christmas prepping, but at the same time you are supposed to be working in class as usual. The incipient holiday weeks are distracting pupils and it’s harder to keep them interested in studying than it normally is. Why not dig out your seppo username and password and make some games for the pupils to play? Seppo can easily be used for tests as well. If you had a little test planned before taking off for the holidays, ditch the paper and do it with seppo. Not only do you students thank you, but you can do the grading in seppo as well, therefore you make life easier for yourself as well.

In the seppo content library we have many great games, which have been created for the purpose of testing pupils’ knowledge or to revise recently taught topics. From the library the best way to find existing games is to search using a keyword or subject. If you find a useful game, you can download the game and then modify it to best serve your purposes. Nice examples of games that have been made for revising subjects are for example Y7 science revision game by Louise Rawcliffe, iGCSE revision (ch 1 - 7) by Matthew Neely and Around the World Grammar Adventure by Ilona Ronka. These three games differ from each other, but the principle is the same; lets go over the things we have learned and at the same time test if we remember anything.

If nothing in the library tickles your fancy, it’s also handy to build you own game from scratch. You know best, what your pupils know and what topics might need some brushing up. It is easy to share your games with your colleagues, therefore if there are more of you in the same school who are planning on using seppo for some fun studying before the holidays, share your ideas and see if you can come up with something together. No-one says that you can’t make the landing from the Christmas holidays back to school routine a little softer either, so if you don’t have time to do any games before the holidays, keep seppo in mind for next year!

Published 17.12.2019