Ilona IT starting as Seppo's distributor

With Ilona's Softatukku general agreement, higher education institutions in Finland can now seamlessly acquire Seppo through Ilona IT. Ilona will of course also serve other educational institutions and organizations with Seppo.

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Not your usual Game of the Month!

Bring on December and those long days right before the holidays! How about spicing up your lessons and making seppo games for the pupils to revise subjects and topics taught during the autumn period?


75% of upper secondary and vocational school students would like to move more during the school day

According to a study published today by the Finnish Likes Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health, one-fifth of upper secondary school students and over one-third of students studying for a profession move too little, about an hour two days a week.


Game of the Month: Oodi, the Central Library

This month we are bringing you a game that is played indoors as we know that the weather in November is bad pretty much everywhere. But despite the rain, you can still take your class outside the classroom and embark on an adventure, exploring what your city has to offer in the form of libraries or museums, for example.


Seppo Game Of The Month - The French Revolution by Teppo Manninen combines games and history

This month is the official reading month, and our Game of The Month is Teppo Manninen's French Revolution. This game combines gameworld and real world, encourages to reading and learning history.



Chief Commercial Officer

Learning is broken. While there is a growing and accelerating need for better learning, both in classrooms and workplace, the old methods fail to deliver.

We are in dire need of a learning revolution and Seppo is an EdTech company doing just that. 

By means of our mobile gamification we take learning on the move and help people connect knowledge with their environments. Our solution is research based and globally awarded. We have users in 50+ countries. Now we want to scale up the sales and our impact.


Seppo Game of the Month - School-parent collaboration day game

Parent night or school-parent collaboration day lurking around the corner? A game can be just what you need for a little different type of school day.


Community and Content Manager

Are you good with people? Do you know how to make others shine and collaborate? Do you feel comfortable diving into our content library and promoting masterpieces you find there? If the answer is yes, we have the perfect job for you. We are hiring a qualified Community and Content manager to join the Seppo team!


Seppo's Game of The Month in August onboards to school and builds group cohesion

In August, Seppo’s Game of The Month is all about new ideas and onboarding. New students and teachers start the school year in many places. Regardless whether you’re old or new, you need to regroup and learn to work together in the school surroundings for another year.


Pearson's Yázigi Language Schools in collaboration with Seppo in Brazil

Pearson has entered into a contract with Seppo gamification platform. Yázigi Language Schools will start using Seppo in Brazil.