Pearson English and Seppo - When the best of language learning meets innovative gamification technology!

World’s leading educational publisher Pearson and Seppo have partnered to offer learning games for different audiences around the globe. The companies are seeking collaboration especially in language learning and in the corporate learning segment.

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Seppo Game of the Month - School-parent collaboration day game

Parent night or school-parent collaboration day lurking around the corner? A game can be just what you need for a little different type of school day.


Community and Content Manager

Are you good with people? Do you know how to make others shine and collaborate? Do you feel comfortable diving into our content library and promoting masterpieces you find there? If the answer is yes, we have the perfect job for you. We are hiring a qualified Community and Content manager to join the Seppo team!


Seppo's Game of The Month in August onboards to school and builds group cohesion

In August, Seppo’s Game of The Month is all about new ideas and onboarding. New students and teachers start the school year in many places. Regardless whether you’re old or new, you need to regroup and learn to work together in the school surroundings for another year.


Pearson's Yázigi Language Schools in collaboration with Seppo in Brazil

Pearson has entered into a contract with Seppo gamification platform. Yázigi Language Schools will start using Seppo in Brazil.


Seppo's Game of The Month is not a game but a theme - Wildlife

Seppo’s Game Of The Month in July is not one game but several, two from Finland, one from Brazil and one from The UK. Well, actually, it could be even more than these.


Seppo's Game of The Month takes us Travelling

Travelling the world broadens the traveller’s view of the world and makes it easier to understand different cultures and viewpoints. Travelling, however, doesn’t necessarily require leaving your school. At least not, if you go Travelling with Linda Eilertsen’s game, which is our Game of The Month in June.


Seppo Becomes a Google For Education Partner

We’re super excited to announce that Seppo has become a Google for Education Technology Partner. We’ve been working closely with Google for Education to be able to build an easy connection between Seppo and Google Classroom so that our Seppo teachers can easily combine their Seppo games to their other lessons materials on Google Classroom.


Seppo's Game of The Month in May takes families to nature walking tours

Seppo's Game of the Month in May is Anni Laitinen's game Nature2030. This game is related to a two-year Finnish school sustainability program that has turned students as environmental scientists who have researched ways to improve the state of their nearby environments.


April's Game of The Month teaches entrepreneurship skills

Spring is here! And so is the time for many students to make choices about their future. Seppo's April Game of The Month is Esa Rantamo’s Töölön Firmamiitti, in English Töölö’s Firm meeting.