Pearson English and Seppo - When the best of language learning meets innovative gamification technology!

Pearson English and Seppo - When the best of language learning meets innovative gamification technology!

World’s leading educational publisher Pearson and Seppo have partnered to offer learning games for different audiences around the globe. The companies are seeking collaboration especially in language learning and in the corporate learning segment.

The new global partnership agreement comes after the two companies have already successfully worked together in the UK and Brazil in smaller, but significant projects, Primary Academy and Yázigi respectfully.

Now, launched this September, a new Primary English course Rise and Shine is not only at the forefront of educational thinking but also addresses the real challenges of working with mixed groups and differently-abled language learners. Seppo games are part of the Rise and Shine course material and the students get to play Seppo games throughout the courses. Thanks to the unique online games powered by Seppo, teachers and parents will find it easy to motivate children in and outside the classroom. As the games are accessible on mobile devices, learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

The unique flexibility of the Seppo platform brings different answering methods and ways to showcase knowledge that give every student the chance to learn and show what they’ve learned whatever their abilities or educational needs.

“It’s been immensely rewarding to work on a project whose aim is to empower every child to reach their potential. Working together with Seppo has enabled us to create a realistic world that the learners can step into, engage with English creatively and extend their learning beyond the classroom.” -Gillian Groenen, Portfolio Manager, Primary

Riku Alkio, the CEO and founder of Seppo is happy about the collaboration and is excited to see what the future brings:

"For us, it has been awesome to be able to combine Seppo’s game mechanics with Pearson’s world-leading pedagogical materials - videos, animations, songs, etc. - and to turn them into exciting games with engaging storylines. We love to collaborate with Pearson's innovative and creative team, and we are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from teachers and students the world over. After an excellent start with Rise and Shine, we are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Pearson’s other divisions." -Riku Alkio

Published 29.9.2021