Seppo among the five finalists of global GESAwards School Dropouts Track!

Seppo among the five finalists of global GESAwards School Dropouts Track!

GESAwards School Dropouts Track is carried out in partnership with IDB Group, Lemann Foundation, Imaginable Futures and Minas Gerais government in Brazil.

The finalists get to take part in a one week long acceleration program, which is especially designed to enable the introduction of the product to the Minas Gerais education system. From there, 1-2 companies are chosen to do a pilot with the state of Minas Gerais. The winner of the track gets to join the GESAwards Finals in January 2021 in London and receives an invitation to a 2-day bootcamp also taking place in London.

Minas Gerais is the second biggest public education network in Brazil with 1.8 million students, spread over 3,617 state schools. School dropout levels are high, especially in the high school level as 75% of the 82 000 students that dropped out of the state school system in 2018 were high school students.

The CEO of Seppo, Riku Alkio says that it is especially exciting for the company to have this opportunity, because Seppo has always been developed with all kinds of learners in mind:

”Motivating students with the help of gamification has always been the top priority to us, everyone should be allowed the access to education but not all the students are the same and not all the students learn the same way. This final is a great learning experience for us as well as a company and I’m sure it gives us great tools to develop Seppo even further and also for those students who are coming from challenging backgrounds”.

Published 25.11.2020