Seppo and the Guides and Scouts of Finland

Seppo and the Guides and Scouts of Finland

The central organization of The Guides and Scouts of Finland has acquired Seppo for all of its local groups.

The Guides and Scouts of Finland is Finland's largest youth organization, with more than 65,000 members participating in its activities every year.

Anna Bryk, the Head of Local Group Support and Education, feels that Seppo is a natural addition to the Scouts' toolkit. Scouting is an educational activity with the aim to raise active and independently thinking members of the local, national and international community who are emotionally balanced and responsible in their actions. The goals and objectives of the Scouts are pursued through a variety of activities. Scouting has always been learned through practical doing and games. Thus games have always been a big part of the Scouts and learning.

“Digitalisation adds a whole new dimension and opportunity to games. Where the Scouts used to make cross-country tracks by taking out task tags, a digital platform can be used to create games on the terrain, in one's own neighborhood or on a treasure map, and every participant can join the game with their own smart device. Seppo makes the digital implementation of games accessible to every guide and scout easily and in a user friendly way, the reception has been enthusiastic. ”

Sonja Uschanov a Member of the Board of the Guides and Scouts of Finland finds the purchase important especially in the context of accessible and regionally equal scouts organization:

“Providing Seppo to all of the local associations makes it possible for all children and young people to continue scouting during this exceptional period. It also helps us as an organization to guarantee the continuation of a high-quality and achievable scouting hobby despite the regional difference. We definitely wanted to offer access to Seppo to every scout leader, so anyone over the age of 15 has the opportunity to get it and use it for group management. With Seppo, we can distribute both educational and instructional entities nationwide directly to our target groups - regardless of location or opportunity to participate in the event in person. On the other hand, in the long run, Seppo will also help us in a kind of a cultural change of sharing our best ideas and utilizing our creativity for the joy of others!

“It’s amazing to be able to start a large-scale collaboration with the Guides and Scouts of Finland. Seppo's original idea of ​​utilizing an authentic environment, functional learning and using digitalization is realized in the games the Scouts make in a wonderful way. Seppo can be used in face-to-face events as well as for remote activities. Hopefully, co-operation with the Guides and Scouts of Finland will open up opportunities to expand co-operation with the entire international scouting movement”, says Seppo's CEO Riku Alkio.

Published 25.4.2021