The Game of the Month: Pasila Street Art 1 and 2

The Game of the Month: Pasila Street Art 1 and 2

Pasila, a district in Helsinki, Finland is more famous for its high concrete buildings and train station than cultural sites. Or that was the case still some time ago. But today, Pasila is a place for street art adventures in German!

Our Game of the Month inspires you to explore street art in Pasila. Goethe Institut Finnland has created a sponsored language game for upper secondary school German studies. The game combines studying German and street art. Students explore the streets of Pasila with three international artists, who have created their art pieces on the walls around Pasila.

There are two games with different difficulty levels, and both games are downloadable as Seppo Sponsored games with an activation code "goethe".

Take a fieldtrip to Pasila with your students or create Pasila to your own neighbourhood!

Published 9.3.2020