Seppo Game of the Month - School-parent collaboration day game

Seppo Game of the Month - School-parent collaboration day game
Parent night or school-parent collaboration day lurking around the corner? A game can be just what you need for a little different type of school day.

When Helsinki based teachers' Tommi Tiittala and Teemu Einola’s fourth grade classes had to move to temporary premises in the school yard, away from renovation work done at the school, and their classes also got new students, it was clear that everyone needed a little bit of introduction to the new situation.

Tommi and Teemu created a game where parents and students got familiar with the new premises, and with each other. School-parent collaboration day got a lot more activating and fun for all parties included when parents got to play together with their kids.

The parents also got a realistic glimpse on their kids’ daily lives through game exercises on different subjects, like math.

Tommi and Teemu made sure the parents got to experience first handed, what a bit of physical activity and active learning methods can do to enthusiasm. Everyone got to know each other better, including the kids, parents and teachers, so the game also worked as a group cohesion builder.

Tommi and Teemu created their game outdoors, but parent night game can also be built indoors. Parents love to see the kids' artwork and get a peek into lesson contents. If your school doesn't have school-parent collaboration days, why not let your students create a few exercises for their parents for parent night. Success is quaranteed.

Snatch the idea, and check out Tommi and Teemu’s game "Parent teacher meeting day" (freely translated version in English) in Seppo Game library.

Seppo <3 the idea!

Published 18.9.2019