Press release: Seppo reaches 2,5 million teachers per month in Brazil

Seppo, a gamification platform for teachers is spurring huge interest in Brazil. Since a recent visit to Brazil the company is establishing a strong presence in the country both online and physically. Seppo will be added on the widely used teachers’ portal Nova Escola this autumn. A successful pilot with SENAI, an organization of over 700 schools, is leading to the next phase.

Riku Alkio, the CEO of Seppo visited São Paulo and Curitiba in May this year and announce and in the past few months things have leaped forward thanks to Pasi Loman, the leader of Seppo’s Brazil team.

–It’s is very interesting to see how an educational innovation from Finland is working around the world. We have operations in Middle East and Europe, users in Asia, New Zealand and the U.S. and now we are getting a foothold in Latin America too. Learning happens locally but there can be universal solutions for it.

The gamification platform will be published on the Nova Escola –internet portal this autumn. Nova Escola started as a magazine and has since evolved into a portal that reaches 2,5 million Brazilian teacher each month. Nova Escola is a non-profit organization that provides teachers with tools, study plans and support for teaching. It is founded by the Lemann Foundation and their company cooperates with

Seppo is also currently being tested in the SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeships Association ) schools. SENAI is a network of over 700 non-profit schools throughout Brazil. It is funded by the Confederation of Industry and is part of the Brazilian Industrial Social Services (SESI), which delivers education among other improvements in quality of life among industrial workers and their families. SENAI offers basic education and formal training for specific industries. The seppo pilot has been successful and SESI has showed interest in expanding the use of the platform.

Turning the learning experience into a game
Seppo helps teachers turn their school lessons into a game. Gamification engages the students and can also add light exercise to the school day. With Seppo learning can be done outside of the classroom in field trips or the platform can be used for remote learning. The teacher decides the content of the game and exercises, which means Seppo can be used at any school level and for any subject. Seppo is designed by Finnish teachers. Finland is the leading country in basic education and mobile technology. Seppo brings gamification and fun into learning while using latest technologies and pedagogical research.

More information: Riku Alkio, +358 50 5318044, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.,

Published 22.8.2017