Seppo was chosen as Bett Awards Finalist second time in a row! 


Seppo has been chosen as Bett Awards Finalist second time in a row as the only Finnish company. Bett Awards competition awards the best innovations in the education sector.

The prizes are delivered as part of the Bett fair which gathers yearly 35 000 teachers and education experts around the world to London in January.

Finnish’s platform, Seppo, is an innovation that combines gamification, real environments and interactivity.

It feels fantastic to get recognition worldwide! We have users in more than 50 countries so we know that there is a market for us. To be chosen as Bett Finalist shows that our product has credibility also in the eyes of education technology experts.

Education segment is the company’s primary market, but increasingly also corporations around the world have found Seppo as a solution to their training needs.

Seppo helps teachers turn their lessons into games. Gamification hooks the learners in and it’s also easy to add physical movement to lessons, almost unawaringly. Learning can also be transferred outside of the classroom, e.g. to a park, museum or streets of a city. Players move with their mobile devices, and use them diversely creating digital stories. On Seppo platform, the teacher is in charge of the content, and decides what happens during the lessons. This makes Seppo applicable to any subject and all school levels.