Seppo's Game of The Month is not a game but a theme - Wildlife

Seppo's Game of The Month is not a game but a theme - Wildlife
Seppo’s Game Of The Month in July is not one game but several, two from Finland, one from Brazil and one from The UK. Well, actually, it could be even more than these.

July’s Game Of The Month is a theme, wildlife. For schools, the easiest places to learn about the wildlife are often zoos, where you can encounter exotic and familiar species, and learn about their habits and history. Many zoos also do conservation work to protect the wildlife. But even if trips to zoos would not fit into your field trip program, you can take your learners to a virtual zoo or even better, to the very wild nature, right at your own classroom. If you have a chance to have outdoor lessons, make your nearby nature a place to learn about the wildlife near you. 

Take some tips from our zoo themed field trip games, and create your own wildlife adventure. 

Here are some of the inspiring exercises you might want to use in your own games:

1. Invent a funny exercise about the monkeys and their behaviour for the other teams! Send your exercise to the game instructor, who might add the best exercise in to this game. You can create a creative, multiple choice or missing word exercise.

Exercise from Mobiilisti Korkeasaaressa by Tero Kirjosalo, a teacher from Helsinki Finland – Biology and Finnish

2. Take a video of a scary reptile. Explain how it looks.

Exercise from Korkeasaari Challenge by Karoliina Mutanen, a teacher from Vantaa – English and Environmental studies

3. Did you think I was not going to talk about termites? Found wrong xoxo. Find the termite mound and record a love statement telling how wonderful termites are. The best statements will be published on the page "Wikitermes" on facebook and Instagram.

Exercise from Visita ao Museu de Zoologia da USP by Joice Constantini from Brazil.

4. What could we do to help conserve the population of tigers worldwide?

Exercise from Year 7 Blackpool Zoo Trip by K. Forbes from Saint Wilfrids from The UK

You can find all these games in Seppo library. Not all them are in English, but it really pays off to use Google Translate here, because there are some really great exercises in the games. You guys are super creative!

Seppo <3


Published 9.7.2019