Seppo's Game of The Month takes us Travelling

Seppo's Game of The Month takes us Travelling
Travelling the world broadens the traveller’s view of the world and makes it easier to understand different cultures and viewpoints. Travelling, however, doesn’t necessarily require leaving your school. At least not, if you go Travelling with Linda Eilertsen’s game, which is our Game of The Month in June.

In Travelling, the idea behind the game was to make a practical and useful game for English class.  

Travelling creates a possibility for the students to imagine and play out different scenes as travellers in their chosen country. They have to find out different facts about their chosen country and figure out tasks relating to their travels.

Linda says she tried to include different types of skills, difficulties and tasks, so the students could practice e.g. maths skills in addition to language and cooperation and hopefully encounter at least some tasks they'd feel particularly competent at. This is a great example of a multidisciplinary game, where individual student’s strengths and interests are supported. No wonder this game is a popular game in Seppo library.

Spice up with the features of your choosing, and take your students travelling with Linda's game.

Thank you Linda for sharing the game. Seppo <3 this!

Published 25.6.2019