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Playful Learning

Many educators are wondering how to get learners more motivated about their subject(s). It can be hard to maintain one’s own motivation when faced with a room full of students bored out of their minds. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to boost your lesson plans with more motivating teaching techniques. So how about injecting a little playfulness to your teaching via games?

Benefits of playful learning

Active participation increases learning

A game's best quality in terms of the learning process is that it activates learners. You can not succeed in a game if you are not doing anything - you can only win (and learn) by actively participating during the game. When learning content is delivered inside a game, learning happens in a playful manner which helps to create a strong memory trace.

Playful learning for learners of all ages

Playful learning is not limited to youngsters, but also adults will benefit from a little fun and games. Game mechanics in learning content provide new ways to activate also adult learners. When the game has an engaging story, creativity inducing tasks and a bit of a push with time-limits, young and old alike will find themselves fully immersed in play. Tools like Seppo offer an excellent way to do things a little differently and rekindle interest and enthusiasm in the subject at hand.

Playful learning cultivates creativity

Games that include different kind of tasks challenge learners to show their knowledge and creativity. Tasks can require searching new information, creative problem-solving, and using imagination. The players are responsible for making decisions in a game. They may for example choose between scoring quick points by completing, easy tasks, or aim for bigger, more challenging tasks that score them more points at once. Making decisions together as a team enhances flexibility, tolerance and negotiation skills. 

Learn more about outdoor learning

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Playful learning is best fulfilled outside of the classroom. Seppo helps to move learning into authentic environments where experiencing phenomena first hand can significantly boost learning outcomes. Learning outdoors engages all senses into a more multidimensional learning experience.

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