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We've helped you with a game template. Use as such or modify as you like.

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Create a recruiting game easily with Seppo's modifiable game template

Differentiate and build positive employer brand with gamification

How well do your recruiting processes attract talents? How much time do recruiting processes take from your HR? How positive is the image your company recruiting process leaves to the recruitees?

Add gamification to your recruitment processes and create a mobile recruiting game with Seppo - It's easy

Seppo's pre-configured recruitment game template makes your recruiting process more effective and fun.

Using Seppo's recruiting game template is an easy way to build a recruiting game - Anyone can do it

Modify the template to suit your needs, or just page through for ideas, and then build your own game from scratch - you choose how you want to use Seppo.

All Seppo annual SaaS-licences include several pre-configured training game templates.

Pre-configured recruiting game template helps you make recruiting processes easy and appealing

Let the game do initial selection. Easily give every applicant real-time positive feedback throughout the process.

Outsource initial steps - only qualified candidates get to the next level


Test needed skills in various ways


Let the best applicants show different sides of themselves

This is an example game template and you can easily modify the game to suit your needs.

Take a copy, change the theme, gameboard and tasks, and use as you like.




A recruitment game brings time savings for HR and applicants

An interactive process which you can build yourself easily with Seppo's modifiable game template

How can a recruiting game bring value to business?

Recruitment is one of the most important business processes of any company. Without the right people, growing and developing business is difficult. But competition for the best workforce is fierce. Gamification can help attracting the talents.

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All our pre-configured game templates are included in your annual Seppo SaaS-licence

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