Gamify your safety trainings and make them mobile

Seppo's game template - Use as such or modify to suit your needs

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Gamified 360° safety training enables a practical way to train and learn

Create your own mobile training? Yes - It's easy with Seppo gamification platform

Training safety should be possible also before you enter a factory or a construction site.

Create a mobile safety training in minutes with Seppo's game template

360° mobile safety training is a very practical way to train all user groups from line workers to managers, online or onsite.

We've made it easy for you. We created a pre-configured game template which helps you easily build your safety training any way you want.

Add a 360° image of your own environment, copy the template and modify tasks as you wish

All Seppo annual SaaS-licences include several pre-configured training game templates.

Seppo's training game template makes your job easier - use as such or modify as much as you like

Take a copy of the template.

Use a 360° image of your own environment as game board.

Change the theme and tasks, and use as you like.


Our safety game template is designed to help identify and tackle work safety risks in a construction site. 

This is an example usage case, and you can easily modify the template to suit your industry and needs.

Download more information about this game template here.




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Can gamified safety trainings bring business benefits?

They can. Gamified trainings are not just "for fun". There are real business benefits on added productivity and capabilities. It's worth to pay attention on how you train your employees. Get some insights from our blog on what gamifying safety trainings can bring on the business side.

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All our pre-configured game templates are included in your annual Seppo SaaS-licence

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