Tampere City Library: The whole library can be turned into a learning game with seppo

Tampere City Library
Mervi Hietanen, Pedagogic Information Specialist

The whole library can be turned into a learning game with seppo platform. Tampere City Library has been using seppo in introducing the library’s services and functions. Seppo has been in almost daily use by mainly visiting school and student groups.

”The sky is the limit with possibilities with seppo! It’s easy to modify games to suite different customer segments. If some customer group has a special need, it’s really fast to just add a couple of exercises on seppo that are related to their topic”, tells Mervi Hietanen, Pedagogic Information Specialist from Tampere City Library.

It’s possible to create different types of questions on seppo, from multiple choice questions to open ended creative questions. In Tampere City Library, the younger elementary school groups have answered easier multiple choice exercises and older students have answered more demanding exercises, like ”book-tip” exercise, where they have to give a recommendation on their own favourite book as a video or audio answer. Games aimed for vocational school students have exercises that are related to the studied subjects.

Something for everyone with seppo

In Tampere City Library seppo games, the library floorplan is used as a gameboard. Exercises have been scattered around the floorplan in those places, where different services and functions are located. The students have played in two-three person teams either with their own mobile phones or with the library tablets.

”We have used seppo to introduce the library to eleven year olds and thirteen year olds and with further education students. In the fall we also created a Halloween themed game, that anyone visiting a library could play.”

Praise for seppo

Teachers and students have given Tampere City Library positive feedback on their seppo games. Also the library staff has liked playing and instructing the games. Gamification has brought a new activating gear to the school visits.

”The teachers have thanked us for bringing activating elements to library visits with seppo. The best thing about seppo is that the students learn how they can use the library by exploring and making discoveries themselves within the walls. Also working together in teams has increased their enthusiasm.”