Seppo Becomes a Google For Education Partner

Seppo Becomes a Google For Education Partner
We’re super excited to announce that Seppo has become a Google for Education Technology Partner. We’ve been working closely with Google for Education to be able to build an easy connection between Seppo and Google Classroom so that our Seppo teachers can easily combine their Seppo games to their other lessons materials on Google Classroom.

The partnership will enable students to have a single sign-on to Seppo games from Google Classroom lessons. Teachers will be able to connect their lessons in Google Classroom with games on the Seppo platform to create a more comprehensive learning experience.

There is now a Google Classroom share button inside every Seppo game, so sharing games to Google Classroom lessons is easy. Game reporting on answered exercises, including answer feedback, can also be drawn to Google Docs and Google Sheets straight from Seppo.

With this integration, it’s now possible to connect a Seppo game to other assignments on Google Classroom lesson or course without the need to ask students to log in to Seppo separately. If the game is played in the lesson, a teacher can easily ask for a paper or presentation about the topic also as homework or further study material. Both can now be done through the same interface on Google Classroom.

“Providing an innovative, easy to use and inspiring tool for teachers has always been our priority when developing Seppo. With a technology partnership with Google for Education, our Seppo teachers don’t have to spend time on making their learners sign on to different platforms and tools. They can share their Seppo games and build other assignments on Google Classroom, and have their lessons and reporting in one place. We’ve really been looking forward to being able to offer this service to our users, as we know time is scarce and ease-of-use is what teachers really need,” says Riku Alkio, CEO and Founder of Seppo, a former teacher for over 20 years himself.

It’s really exciting to see what kind of possibilities our users see in connecting two of their favourite tools. We’re committed to continuously developing Seppo in the direction that serves the teachers needs and wishes. Partnering  with Google for Education is definitely one of them.

Julkaistu 18.6.2019