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Turn your existing trainings into engaging and activating mobile games with Seppo gamification tool

Your expertise enhanced with better memorability, visual progression and scalability - online and onsite

Gamified training enables participants to learn, react, create and communicate - You choose the way this is done

You can create gamified mobile trainings for any business function and all stakeholders from employees to management, subcontractors and resellers with Seppo gamification tool.

Increase interactivity, engagement and collaboration. Active participation adds memorability.

Training done with Seppo tool challenges participants and makes progress visible - online and onsite.

Get the benefits of gamification to your training or consulting business with Seppo.

What do you get with Seppo?

Seppo gamification platform enables you to turn your training programs to practical mobile training. Easily implement game-based learning methods for any of your training courses.

Gamification is inbuilt in your trainings

Gamification engages, activates, makes progress visible and motivates learners to try. It enables motivating the learners differently, and sets you apart from competition. Game mechanics are inbuilt in Seppo tool.

A tool to digitalize and scale your existing trainings

Seppo enables an easy way to digitalize and scale your existing training materials, making them mobile friendly.

Ability to offer better and more variable reporting to your customers

Seppo games offer wide reporting possibilities enabling you to offer your customers extensive analysis on training game answers, or even transfer them video, audio and text -answers given in your trainings.

Advanced possibilities to bring creativity and silent information visible

Seppo is designed for mobile. Game questions are easy to create by adding video/audio/images/links/text. Players can also use the same possibilities in their answers. Players also receive real-time, individualized feedback to their answers. Silent information becomes visible and innovation possible.

A tool for online trainings

Add interactivity, fun competitive elements and variability with mobile possibilities. Your existing content is easily transformed to online on Seppo platform.

A tool for onsite trainings

Gamification, real-time feedback and communication possibilities are inbuilt in Seppo-tool. Seppo enables handling even large scale live-trainings and events making them memorable and fun.

And a tool to combine online and onsite trainings

Drive work well-being and add memorability by implementing gamified online training days and courses and directing onsite activity days. Collect results and present your customers data to improve their processes. Seppo is an ideal tool for complete training courses.

Our modifiable templates help you get ideas for your training games - all included in Seppo licences

Onboarding Customer service Strategy and values implementation Recruiting Crisis Management Safety Training

Learn how to grow your training or consulting business with Seppo tool

Our collaboration models

Seppo pay as you go

  • Use Seppo with different user groups anywhere you find it fitting. Transfer your trainings fully or partly to Seppo platform, create online and onsite trainings and scale and grow your existing business.

Seppo annual contract

  • Unlimited usage with a specific user group. Use Seppo for various different purposes as much as you like with your chosen user group.

Our customers choose Seppo for its ease of use and endless possibilities

"It is a completely different way of learning, as well as being collaborative and rewarding"

City of Helsinki
The Houses of Parliament
S Group
Tampere Taxi
Aalto University

A gamified value building and strategy introduction process

Games bring familiarity to new situations, and can help adjust to new situations and roles. Sarastia, a Finnish publicly owned Financial and HR company has used Seppo for strategy introduction and value process in a merge situation. Seppo brought clarity to new situation and made silent information visible.

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