Seppo collaboration models and pricing examples

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Collaborate with Seppo

We bring a tool with which your training makes the difference

Seppo is an easy to use tool to help you digitalize and gamify your trainings. Make them online or onsite, or combine the two and bring most value to your customers. This is easy to do with Seppo.

Whether you're a training company, communications or advertising agency, you can offer your customers more engagement, better commitment and insights and analytics in different forms by offering fully or partly gamified trainings with Seppo tool.

Collaboration models with pricing examples

Two ways to grow your business with Seppo

Seppo pay as you go

  • Purchase a number of game logins(*) in ahead.
  • You can use Seppo flexibly in your trainings
  • When you need new logins, you can purchase them easily through our site. Right now orders through email at .

*Players login to Seppo games with a pin code or QR code either individually or in teams. Both individual and team logins equal one game login.

Low risk solution enabling on-off usage with various different user groups.

Ideal for training companies, marketing & communications companies or consultant agencies who do trainings for individuals or small or larger groups.

Pricing examples:

50 game logins: Price 750€

500 game logins: Price 6000€

*VAT not included

* Minimum game logins per purchase is 50 pcs.

Ask our sales team more about the pricing tiers and get a quote at


  • Free customer service support
  • Pre-configured modifiable game templates
  • Unlimited amount of own game creation



Seppo for heavy usage 

  • Annual contract
  • Unlimited usage with the selected user group
  • Billing on a monthly or annual level 

Use the platform as much as you like and where you want with your selected user group.

Ideal for companies who sell a variety of online and onsite trainings and events to pre-defined user groups. 

Pricing examples:

50 pre-defined players per year: Price 150€ / month 

500 pre-defined players per year: Price 500€ / month

*VAT not included

*Minimum licence is for 50 annual end users/players.

Ask a quote for your company at


  • Free customer service support
  • Pre-configured modifiable game templates
  • Unlimited amount of own game creation and training for your stakeholder groups


Get in touch. Let's define the best collaboration model for your training needs. 

Our offering includes also product customization, gamification consultation and turnkey games.