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The Seppo application is here!

Are you ready?

You asked and we listened!

The long awaited Seppo player application is ready to take the player experience to the next level.

The game is built in the familiar way in the browser version, but is played in the application.

When using the application, e.g. location works better than in the browser version and also the layout is much more pleasant.

Why use the application instead of the browser version?

  • New looks and smoother player experience.
  • The tasks are shown as cards.
  • Feedback is shown together with the right answer, this way it's easier for the player to see how they did with the assignments.
  • In creative answer tasks the answer is built by using blocks which can be organized.
  • To your answer you can choose to add for example text and a picture and then decide to switch the order. 
  • Playing offline has been renewed completely so now it's easier to continue playing if your internet connection is bad or completely off. 
  • When offline, the player receives points and feedback for those tasks that have automatic feedback on.
  • Locating the player works better than before.
  • Video responses are more likely to arrive to their destination. In the browser, the files can grow too large and therefore do not upload to the server. In the app, the resolution of the videos is limited, so the files do not grow too big.

The application is missing the following features that you can find in the browser version:

  • Badges
  • Share to social media buttons

Badges and sharing to social media are going to be discontinued in general during the coming months, but will make a return later this year.

We'd love to hear how you like the new Seppo app