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Change management + ESG

Are you building sustainability strategies or are you sustainable? – Gamification turns words into action

19 Jun 2023

In the context of corporate responsibility, you’ll often run into the acronym ESG. It stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG is a framework that gives companies a way to understand and report on their environmental, social and governance transparency situation. Which teaches you more: a two-hour lecture or a 20-minute interactive game that throws you into the middle of everyday situations?

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Employee Onboarding – How to Do It Right?

28 Apr 2022

Imagine a situation, where your company is hiring many new employees at once, and next comes the onboarding process. You have reserved people to help with the new hires, but they run out of time to have an in-depth onboarding before the new staff has to get to work. The onboarding is not completed…

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Employee engagement + Gamification

How To Use Gamification at Work To Engage and Motivate Employees

19 Mar 2023

Have you ever been participating in corporate training and had problems focusing - feeling rather bored and sleepy? Or have you been training employees yourself and noticed how hard it can be to keep people on board and motivated? Then gamification might be just what you’re looking for! Gamification helps to motivate and engage people. You want to find out how and why gamification has that effect. Then the following text will help you shed some light on that.

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What Is Gamification? – Examples and How to Make the Most out of It

24 May 2022

Many think that gamification is just all fun and games, which is not really true. Gamification always aims at improving user engagement, experience, or to activate, depending a bit on the target. Fun can be one element added to this, but it should never be the main goal.

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Customer stories

Gamified Induction At LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort team was inspired by their colleagues at Thorpe Park. They decided to also gamify their induction with a Seppo game. LEGOLAND was rewarded with great learning outcome and very satisfied new employees. Read their success story.

Zoe Fearnley, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Senior Learning & Development Manager

Strategy Introduction With A Seppo Game

Airpro reformed its company strategy, and to communicate it to all its employees, it introduced a Seppo game. The company noticed the potential of Seppo in internal communications, and now Seppo games are currently used in other contexts too.

Rosita Diop, Airpro

Communications Specialist, Airpro

Gamified Team Building

Allseas gamified their team building with Seppo. Read the story to find out how the game activated employees, and increased collaboration & communication among employees.

Sanne Cransberg, HR Project manager & Manon van den Berg, Unit Head Learning & Development, Allseas