Seppo gamification platform turns your company's training needs into engaging and effective games. Take your team to new heights by making learning motivating, interactive and exciting for them.

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Whether it be a strategy implementation project, a new onboarding process, a recruitment game, or turning a whole course into a game – You can do it with Seppo.

gamified onboarding in a warehouse


Get your new employees acquainted with your organisation, their new team, and the important things they need to know in an engaging, fun, and effective way with Seppo.

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Gamified recruitment


Introduce your company to prospective applicants, receive applications, or test the skills of your selected applicants with a game and add engagement and joy to your recruitment process.

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Gamified corporate training

Corporate Training

Transform compliance training, product, safety, and skills training into more memorable, active, and effective learning experiences. With Seppo you can train your team independent of time and place.

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Gamified change management

Change Management

Bring your people together after a merger or implement a new strategy or company values more effectively with a Seppo game. Any change management process can be boosted up with gamification to achieve better results.

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Ganification in educationa and NGOs

Education and NGOs

Turn your lessons into learning games. Easily create Seppo games, that combine creativity, collaboration, and the use of skills and knowledge. Seppo games are also ideal for museums and NGOs.

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Our mission is to give professionals worldwide the tools for inspiring learning that creates action and leads to positive change.

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