Seppo Features

Seppo is a gamification platform that allows anyone to create educational games that can be played on a phone or computer

The platform provides you with ready-made game elements, that you can combine yourself how you want. Add your content and build your own Seppo game.

Explore, Create and Track

Game mechanics

Seppo consists of various game mechanics such as points, levels, scoreboard, code locks, feedback, branching game paths.

Multiple task options

Five different task type options: checkbox, multiple choice, match pair, missing word, and creative.

Multiple answering options

When using creative exercise type, players can answer in text, audio, video, or picture. You can allow them to use all or you can select which form you want your answers in.

Game board-based

You choose the game board. Seppo supports standard images and 360° images. The game board image can be jpg, png, or gif. You can also create GPS location-based games using the map service Seppo provides.

Player advancement

You can give the players a lot of freedom by opening all tasks at the start of the game. You can also place the tasks on levels – increase the difficulty level gradually or create thematic levels. Or be very structured by using branching game mode and create personalised paths.

Real-time monitoring and progress tracking

You can monitor the game and provide feedback in real-time. Instructor and player can communicate during the game via chat. If you don't want to be online during the game, it's also possible to set automatic feedback and be notified by email about the events of your game.

Find inspiration from our template library / community for edu

Seppo has some ready-made games and game templates available for our business users. Education users have access to the community, where they can share their own games and use any of the thousands of games shared by others.

An adaptive learning solution, multiple use options, personalized experience

Use your own content

Create games using your own content: add images, text, videos and links to external sites in your tasks. Create a narrative to engage your players better.

Suitable for all target groups and learners

There is no age limit to using Seppo. You define the target group yourself, thus you create the kind of game you want. Gamified learning is for everyone.

Onsite - Remote - Hybrid

Seppo games can be played onsite, remotely, or hybrid, in groups or alone. It's also possible to play offline.

Live - Automated

You can choose to give live feedback as the players proceed in their game or set the tasks to be automatically evaluated.


You can create the games to be single-player games or you can have them played in groups.

Indoor - Outdoor

Seppo games can be played indoors or outdoors. GPS location-based map is an excellent game board choice for an outdoor game.

Valuable data for further development

Players produce a lot of content as they play the games: text, videos, photos, audio, and insights. You can utilise the information they provide in the games for later projects.


The look of the game can be customised to fit your company brand. You can affect it a lot yourself with the choice of the game board and images you use, but there is also a white label available.

User-friendly Cloud-Based Learning

No code, no cry

No coding skills are needed from the users. Seppo is a ready-made, cloud-based platform.

Mobile phone and computer

You can use your computer to create the games and players can use either a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer to play.


Seppo games can be played in the browser or players can use our native app to play.

Language versions

Seppo platform has multiple language options: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian. You can feed your content in whatever language you want.


Provide easy login with SSO. Or go one step further and integrate Seppo with your LMS using LTI or SCORM. Integrations are available as add-ons.


With WCAG 2.1 AA level as our standard, we want to make learning with Seppo games possible for all learners. As the content creator, you take care of the final touches.


You can rely on our high-standard data governance and security. We are GDPR compliant and the servers are in the EU. To minimise the amount of personal data, it is possible to play a game anonymously.

Play Seppo native app for players

Players can join Seppo games using a browser or our native app when playing with a phone or tablet. The app brings some benefits to the player experience, such as better functioning location. Also, when using the app, the resolution of for example videos is limited, thus the file doesn’t grow too big and hinder the uploading.

Google Play

Seppo native app is available for Android. Get your Play Seppo app from Google Play.

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App Store

Seppo native app is available for iOS. Get your Play Seppo app from App Store.

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Various uses of seppo

Gamified recruitment


Introduce your company to prospective applicants, receive applications, or test the skills of your selected applicants with a game and add engagement and joy to your recruitment process.

gamified onboarding in a warehouse


Get your new employees acquainted with your organisation, their new team, and the important things they need to know in an engaging, fun, and effective way with Seppo.

Gamified corporate training

Corporate Training

Transform compliance training, product, safety, and skills training into more memorable, active, and effective learning experiences. With Seppo you can train your team independent of time and place.

Gamified change management

Change Management

Bring your people together after a merger or implement a new strategy or company values more effectively with a Seppo game. Any change management process can be boosted up with gamification to achieve better results.

Ganification in educationa and NGOs

Education and NGOs

Turn your lessons into learning games. Easily create Seppo games, that combine creativity, collaboration, and the use of skills and knowledge. Seppo games are also ideal for museums and NGOs.

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