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Turning Sales into a Game: An Innovative Journey by Mercedes-Benz Brazil with the Seppo Gamification Platform

Following a recommendation from a professor from the prestigious Brazilian business and marketing school FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Mercedes Benz Group innovates with gamified sales training and achieves impressive results using Seppo.

Elson Sousa, Mercedes-Benz Group

Engaging the Whole Team: Revolutionizing Discussions Through Staff-Oriented Gamification

The Savings Bank Group embarked on a quest for fresh inspiration, seeking to invigorate staff engagement in discussions. Johanna Mölsä, the visionary Head of Competence Development, unveils how the introduction of the Seppo game sparked a revolutionary shift in the landscape of traditional staff meetings. Through immersive encounters crafted by Seppo, familiar routines were disrupted, paving the way for a surge of novel insights and perspectives.

Johanna Mölsä, Savings Bank

Head of Competence Development

Gamified Induction At LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort team was inspired by their colleagues at Thorpe Park. They decided to also gamify their induction with a Seppo game. LEGOLAND was rewarded with great learning outcome and very satisfied new employees. Read their success story.

Zoe Fearnley, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Senior Learning & Development Manager

Seppo Games For Educational Visits

The Seppo games created by the UK Parliament Education Centre have been very well received by staff and visiting students alike. Students have thoroughly enjoyed using Seppo as part of their tour and workshop experience. Read more about how the Education Centre has used Seppo!

The UK Parliament Education Centre

Sponsored Seppo Games - Environmental Education

WWF Finland makes environmental education for schools more fun, versatile and easy to use with the help of Seppo and sponsored games.

Essi Aarnio-Linnavuori, WWF Finland

Environmental Education Expert

Gamifying Corporate Training With Seppo

Formal corporate training that is turned into something fun brings better results. Read the story to find out how gamification increased the level of understanding on the topics in Nestlé Skin Health's training in Brazil.

Wagner Komesu, Nestlé Skin Health, Galderma - Brazil

Quality Operations Manager

Seppo In The Toolbox Of Goethe-Institut Finnland

In the Pasila game created by the Goethe-Institut Finnland, players adventure around East-Pasila and familiarise themselves with street art in German. With the Seppo game, the institute wanted to provide different dimensions to German language studies - something different to classroom studies, books and grammar.

Ulrike Eichstädt, Goethe-Institut Finnland

Head of Language Department, Deputy Director

Successful Onboarding At Thorpe Park, UK

With Seppo Thorpe Park gamified the onboarding process successfully. The new employees loved Seppo! Read the story to find out how Thorpe Park boosted their new employees' engagement and training outcomes.

Nathan Cook, Merlin Entertainment (Thorpe Park)

Learning & Development Business Partner at Thorpe Park

CZ Transforms Onboarding with Seppo: A Game Full of Knowledge, Interaction, and Fun

Dutch insurance company CZ needed a new approach to employee training. With Seppo they added gamification to their onboarding process and turned it into an interactive adventure. Read more!

Janneke van Loon, CZ

The Corporate Recruiter

Learning housing skills with a Seppo game

The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation has created a game on the Seppo platform to help young people moving to their own home to learn housing skills. Seppo was chosen in particular because of its familiarity with the school world and its ease of use. Read more about the experience of the federation!

Ann-Mari Sandholm, The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

Education and Communications Manager

The Versatile Use Of Seppo Games In A Hospital Environment

The wellbeing services county of Central Finland is an experienced Seppo user. They have been using Seppo games for example for epidural pain management and hand hygiene training, just to mention a couple. Read on to see all the various ways they have gamified health care training!

Eerika Rosqvist, The Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland

Training Expert

Gamified Team Building

Allseas gamified their team building with Seppo. Read the story to find out how the game activated employees, and increased collaboration & communication among employees.

Sanne Cransberg, HR Project manager & Manon van den Berg, Unit Head Learning & Development, Allseas

Gamified Orientation After Merger At Advania

After the recent merger with another company, Advania decided to gamify the orientation with Seppo to integrate new and old employees. Read their success story and find out how this led to a fun and engaging integration and created a sense of community at Advania.

Maria Simula, Communications Specialist & Tia Flöjt, Human resources Assistant, Advania

Seppo inspires the City of Espoo’s 50th anniversary strategy formation work

The City of Espoo released its new strategy, which was formed at the Economic Development and Employment Unit by using a Seppo game. Read how this brought staff and management closer together and gave an insight into employees' thoughts in an agile and fun way!

Annika Forstén, City of Espoo

Special Planner

Strategy Introduction With A Seppo Game

Airpro reformed its company strategy, and to communicate it to all its employees, it introduced a Seppo game. The company noticed the potential of Seppo in internal communications, and now Seppo games are currently used in other contexts too.

Rosita Diop, Airpro

Communications Specialist, Airpro

The Diverse Use Of Seppo Games

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare has long emphasised whimsy and play in its materials in order to connect with children and youth. Over the past years, MLL has begun to offer mobile games in addition to its more conventional ones, such as board games. has served as MLL’s gaming platform.

Anna-Kaisa Hiedanniemi, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

School and educational institution cooperation coordinator

Seppo Turns Scouting Digital

The pandemic gave rise to the idea of using Seppo for scouting, allowing activities to continue remotely. Digitality in general is an emerging theme in Scouting. Read more!

Julia Parkko, The Guides and Scouts of Finland


Corporate Training And Onboarding With Seppo

Stockmann's numerous employees are trained using the department store's own e-learning portal and nowadays also with Seppo. With Seppo, training can be done anywhere and at any time.

Juha-Matti Nuuja, Stockmann

People Development Specialist

Seppo Brings Positive Atmosphere To Essote

Essote experimented with Seppo games for home care employee onboarding. With the help of gamification they wanted to get more young people interested in working with the elderly. The onboarding was a great success. Essote is now amongst other things also using Seppo for recruitment.

Maija Loponen, essote (South Savo Social and Health Care Authority)

Service Manager

Gamified Corporate Training To Introduce New Environmental System

AINS Group gamified their training with Seppo to introduce their new ISO 14001 environmental system. Read their success story to find out how it made training more engaging and fun for the company's employees.

Liisa Jäätvuori, AINS Group

Director of Sustainability and New Services

Gamified Language Learning

Jussipekka Jyväsjärvi is a primary school teacher from Helsinki who has found a way to gamify language learning. Jussipekka has gamified the teaching of English and German by using the Seppo platform, which has enabled using gamification.

Jussipekka Jyväsjärvi, Primary school, Helsinki

Primary school teacher, Helsinki

Seppo Gamifies Learning At A Vocational Institution

Diakonia College Finland has benefited from using Seppo in multiple ways. Gamified Learning has created a sense of community amongst students. It also allowed learning to be more diversified and engaging. Read more about Diakonia's positive learning and teaching experiences with Seppo.

Laura Laakkonen, Diakonia College of Finland

Pedagogical Expert

Gamified Strategy And Value Introduction

Sarastia decided to gamify a strategy and value introduction, after a merger in 2019. Gamification was to make the strategy more understandable. Sarastia also wanted to measure the current skill level of their managers to implement the new strategy to practice. Read the story to find out how the game made skill level, development needs and silent information visible.

Mika Kantola, Sarastia


Seppo As A Distance Learning Tool

Two teachers from the Poikkilaakso Primary School in Helsinki chose Seppo as their main tool for distance learning. Read the story to find out how Seppo has encouraged even the shy students to participate!

Lalla Pohjanpalo and Katri Järvinen , Poikkilaakso School, Helsinki


More Engaging, Fun And Effective Learning With Seppo

Gamification increased student engagement and improved learning outcomes at the Educallis College in Brazil. Read the story to find out why teachers at the college love using Seppo for their lessons.

Patricia Fonseca, Educallis College, São Luís, Maranhão

Seppo Game Makes Professional Growth Visible

The Stadin ammattiopisto vocational college, Play to Pro programme gamifies learning with Seppo to motivate learners and make their professional skills and knowledge visible for students, teachers and employers. Read the story to find out how.

Satu Hemming and Inka Koskinen, Stadin ammattiopisto vocational college

Improving University Students Learning With Seppo

Kati Mäkitalo-Siegl, decided to gamify students' learning with Seppo. "Playfulness applies to all ages," noticed Mäkitalo-Siegl. Kati Mäkitalo-Siegl is a professor of Educational science at the University of Eastern Finland, Savonlinna. Read the story to find out more!

Kati Mäkitalo-Siegl, University of Eastern Finland, Savonlinna

Professor of Educational science

Supporting Transformation Management Process With A Game

Outokumpu used Seppo to gamify parts of a transformation management process. Read how this facilitated change and increased engagement in corporate training at Outokumpu.

Johanna Leppävirta, Outokumpu

Senior HRD Manager